Reservations and Pricing


Prices may vary, depending on the size of your group, and the number of sites you choose to visit.

Family rates

(includes a 2+ hour tour of all sites and guaranteed gold and other valuable gemstones for each participant):

Groups of 1-5 people  $120 flat fee
Groups of 6+ people: $120 plus $20/person for each person over 5 people

Larger group rates:

$12-$18/person, depending on the number of sites and the size of your group.  Gold panning and/or guaranteed gold is optional.

Please contact us for pricing on large groups, corporate offsites, after school classes, guest lectures, and scout programs.

We conduct tours year round, seven days a week, except major holidays.  Reservations are required for all tours.  We would like at least one week notice for smaller groups, and two weeks notice for larger groups, however tours can sometimes be booked with short notice depending on availability.

Please call or e-mail us to make your reservations.